Want more privacy online? Here’s how Hidden24 VPN can help

The lowdown of how our VPN is winning the battle for greater integrity online

Everyone is talking about privacy online these days. Ranging your technophobe Gran, who wants to know she’s secure whilst doing her online banking. To your sister in law, concerned about the privacy of her socials, when sharing pictures of your tear-away nephew online. And with news breaking each day, of another data breach or privacy scandal, the increased demand for privacy online is being answered by none other than ourselves here at Hidden24 VPN. 

One of the first things to know about Hidden24 VPN is that we were launched in 2006, by a team of journalists. Back then our concerns were centred on internet privacy and concerns over proposed ISP surveillance planned by the Government. The question on our lips was, ‘how would this impact the protection of our journalistic sources’ identities’? 

What began as a mission to serve and protect the integrity of our fellow journalists and their sources, expanded over time to become the Hidden24 VPN service we have today. 

Hidden24 prides itself on being different from other VPN providers. We’re not an Internet Service Provider and are owned by a Swedish company whose values are deeply aligned to the principles of free speech and democracy. As a result, our growth has been organic and stable, with our servers today operating in the UK, US, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy & Spain.  

Here are the top 5 things that Hidden24 can do to help you maintain your privacy online.  

  1. We exchange your real IP address for a Hidden 24 IP. In doing so your location and activity online are traced back to Hidden24, not you!
  2. Our very strong, unbreakable encryption between your computer and Hidden24, means prying eyes, who may want to monitor your traffic between your computer and us, is blocked. The same goes for all of your online surfing, viewing & shopping activity. 
  3. Our intelligent VPN uses the capability of your computer or phones operating system. The result? A super simple install, without having to download yet another app, or take up more memory on your computer or phone. 
  4. We use our own servers, giving you added protection. And importantly we don’t keep directories of our subscribers. When signing up, we only ask for an email and card details; no name, address or any other information. Your privacy is our core value and we start as we mean to go on!
  5. We’re compatible with all tech devices. From Mac to PC, Android, to Apple, Chromebook, iPhone, Linux or Windows – We work with them all, so no matter your tech preference, you can join us & #stayHidden24. 

So whether you’re trying to convince your Gran of the best ways to safely bank online or a Journalist working on the next big scandal, by joining Hidden24 you’re in the safest pair of hands to ensure your privacy, identity and integrity online are secure.